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How to Import Facebook group posts to WordPress

Having a successful Facebook group bringing from time to time the question "How can I make profit from my Facebook group?" well, this article is aim to bring a solution for that by Import Facebook group posts to WordPress.

January 9, 2019

One of the biggest issues with making money on Facebook is that Facebook got tones of rules for that and they don’t have mercy. so why not using the same content outside the platform?

With the Facebook API you can actually get all the content from your group to where you want, but for now we will focus on import the content from a group into a WordPress site.

Import Facebook group posts into WordPress site

To Import Facebook group posts into a WordPress site we will use the plugin Import Facebook Group Posts. you can download it directly from here: Download Plugin

Install The Plugin

Go to your Plugins page on your WordPress dashboard and choose to Add New. Search for the name of the plugin (check that the author of the plugin is really Amit Moreno) or Upload the zip file from the download link above.

After the plugin is in the Plugins directory you should activate it.

Update Facebook API Credentials & Settings

After activating the plugin you’ll find new tab on WordPress side-menu call ‘FB Group Import’, go to the page call ‘Settings’ that localed under it.

On the setting page you need to update:

  1. App ID – You get it from Facebook Developers after submitting a new Application.
  2. App Secret – Need to be located with your App ID.
  3. Access Token – You can get one from here.
  4. Facebook Group ID – Your facebook group ID.

You can also choose weather to create with the content Posts or other Custom Post type. also you can choose how to save the content that comes from facebook (as a draft, published post, etc).

Import Posts from your Facebook Group

After all set you can go to the ‘Facebook Group Import’ page on the plugin menu and press the only button you have there.

You’ll get the content from Facebook organize in a table first, where you can choose which posts exactly to import from Facebook.

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